Bedrooms (4)

Three double bedrooms and a bedroom with adjoining office. The bedrooms as well as the rest of the house are furnished in a five star quality mix of traditional and modern style. The beds are all of high quality and can be used as a single bed or placed together to form a king size double bed. The bedroom with adjoining office can be used as a children’s bedroom.

Bathrooms (3)

There are three bathrooms and an outdoor shower. All bathrooms are equipped with toilets and automatic air extraction. There are two bathrooms with shower facilities and the bathroom on the ground floor also has a comfortably sized bathtub, ideal for relaxing.


Free-standing five-burner gas cooker, air extractor, oven, toaster, bread maker, scales, refrigerator and freezer, dishwashing machine, in general very well equipped.


Washing machine and dryer, sink and storage

Living room

  • Dining room seating 8 people
  • Fireplace seating 7 people


Outdoor kitchen and fixed barbecue

Private pool