Cultural activities

There are many festivals in the area. For instance, the three-day festival of Feria in July, Nispero Day in May and Semana Santa during Easter.


The clubs and salsa dance courses will relax you.

Theatre and museums

Malaga and Nerja have theatres.


Malaga has the famous Picasso Museum, Competá has the Museo del Vino and in Granada you can find the Wonder of the world Alhambra.



Enjoy the flamenco dancers and the Spanish rhythm in Nerja


Spanish fiestas

In Spain they are very skilled in celebration. Good food , music and dancing late into the night , absorbed in the mass people and forgetting the time , they do prefer . Of all the events that Spain has , the annual fiestas and ferias most famous .

Calendar of Festivals in the area:

Spain is the country of " Fiesta " . Some Spanish festivals across the country in every city and village . Specific dates of festivals vary in the years to date , but where possible there is information about a specific fiesta .

You can go to the site of Spanish Festivals or a separate calendar underneath.

The Seville Tapas Fair is to enjoy snacks, Spanish tapas capital of the world . In Cadiz , the Carnival celebrations in huge fancy dress and costumes and dance.

In late February , the Dia de Andalucia account .

The Festival de Jerez is a Spanish flamenco festival with some top artists .

Some of the biggest festivals in Spain during April and May , starting with Holy Week ( Semana Santa) . This is the most important national festival period . We recommend that in Seville , Cordoba , Granada and Malaga . The celebration of Holy Week is the highlight of the year in Andalusia , where teams of religious  bear huge reliqien on decks .
In Seville , two weeks after Easter is the biggest spanish anniversary held at the Seville Fair Feria de Abril Sevilla .
Also in the Romeria Andújar in Andalusia , there is a mass pilgrimage to the statue of the Virgin .
Also in April in Sayalonga is celebrated Holy Week ( Semana Santa) with processions in the streets .

In Granada and Cordoba , the Cruces de Mayo festival , where large crosses worn by monks and locals party their  celebration in the streets .
In Cordoba is  the party Fiesta de los Patios , a contest for the best flower decorated patios .
Then the Feria de Cordobva , a flamenco festival which in size rivals with the Sevillla April fair . The famous Feria del Caballo (horse ) , Jerez Horse Fair is also this month.
In Madrid, the world's largest bullfighting with many cultural activities and festivals , where the people of Madrid celebrate San Isidro , the patron saint of the city.
In Sayalonga you can enjoy the Dia Del Níspero, an exciting celebration on the first Sunday of May , with thanks for the superb quality of the harvest of the fruit Níspero .

Corpus Christi is celebrated in all its forms across the country , especially in Toledo and Seville. Granada is the International Festival of Dance and Music .

In Cordoba , the International guitar festival in the gardens of the Alcazar place take place.
In Sayalonga and Corumbella  are the Fiestas de  Sayalonga y Corumbella , a family celebration in mid-July with singers and artists .

On the south coast on the 16th to get to various celebrations of Día de la Virgen Carmen . Usually the image of the Virgin borne from the sea carried by a fleet of fishing boats , and an impressive fireworks display takes place thereafter.
One of the wildest celebrations are at La Tomatina Festival in Valencia near Bunyol where they fight with tomatoes. Similar to the Seville Fair , the Feria de Malaga, a huge feast for 10 days .

Jerez de la Frontera celebrates the prices of its harvest festival with the sherry Jerez , which begins on the first Saturday in September each year , known locally as the Fiestas de Otoño , which is a three -week party with sherry , horses and flamenco . In the first week of September the Feria de Pedro Goyesca Remero in Ronda , where in the city all people in the typical costume of the 18th century arev dressed to go bullfighting .

October 7 at the Dia de la Virgen del Rosario will be held at Bella Sayalonga Corum .

The month begins with the somber occasion of All Saints ( Todos los Santos ), where the Spanish people from across the country return to their birth place of their deceased relatives , and to remember them .

Christmas in Spain is a family affair with Noche Buena ( Christmas Eve ) . It is a very quiet night , when all families get together for dinner . After midnight on Noche Vieja ( New Year) it is in cities as noisy as anywhere else in Europe.